Macarons made from plants

Compassion never tasted so good.

Countless hours have been dedicated to figuring out how to replace the eggs in macarons with a plant-based alternative. We've finally perfected the recipe, and we're happy to bring you a naturally gluten-free macaron with no egg, and no dairy. You won't find another cruelty-free macaron that looks and tastes exactly like the original French macaron. 


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"We love the packaging but even more what's in it! They make great wedding and holiday gifts!"

Daniela Degrassi, CEO The Kind Bride

Vioche Macarons

Looking for the perfect gift? Each Vioche Macaron Box comes with 6 exquisite cruelty-free macarons that have delicate outer shells and a smooth, creamy filling that melt in your mouth. We know you'll fall in love at first bite!

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