What are plant-based macarons?

We use ingredients that come only from plants, which means we are 100% vegan.

Are your ingredients certified organic?

Our main ingredients are certified organic for example, our almonds, and our sugar.

Where do you ship?

We ship all over the U.S.

When will my order ship?

To ensure freshness and quality, we ship our macarons every Monday. They take 2-3 days to arrive. 

How should I store my macarons once I receive them?

You can keep the macarons in a cool dry place (18°C/64°F) for 3 days upon receiving. After that, we recommend you store them in the refrigerator. You can also freeze them for up to 2 months.  

Are these allergen-friendly?

Macarons contain nuts and are not safe for those with nut allergies. Our macarons are not made in a gluten-free facility.