Our Process

At Vioche, we work in small batches, entirely by hand, to bring you only the finest macarons. In a 4 hour long process, we flawlessly execute every technique giving each cookie a smooth top, ridged edges, and a texture that melts in your mouth— the perfect macaron.

So how do we do it? How do we make the world's most difficult cookie with only plant-based ingredients? Here's the secret: we use potato protein to mimic the protein structure of egg whites. Similar to the French macaron process, we beat the protein to create a meringue that's glossy and white, and we sweeten the meringue with organic, unrefined cane sugar.

Then, we perform the macaronnage. We fold in finely grounded organic almonds for those healthy fats and a rich nutty flavor. We don't use any flour, so our macarons are naturally gluten-free.

Next, we flavor our macarons. While most macaron companies choose to use weird color dyes and artificial flavor extracts, we are committed to using all natural ingredients. For color, we creatively find foods that are naturally pigmented like beets and acai, and stay away from dyes. We try to source high quality, organic ingredients when we can. For example, our Matcha macarons are made with a 100% Pure Organic Japanese Matcha Powder.

After that, we pipe the macaron batter onto a baking sheet and bake them at low temperatures until the texture is just right. Then, we pipe a rich vegan buttercream filling to complete the macaron.

Finally, we package these treats, and deliver them to your doorstep for you to enjoy.